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God’s Call On Your Life: Developing & Fulfilling Your Apostolic Ministry

God’s Call On Your Life: Developing & Fulfilling Your Apostolic Ministry


You have an Apostolic ministry, now what?

JFK and Georgina Mensah continue this eye-opening series on gifts and calling by explaining what the apostolic ministry is about, its criticality in the body of Christ, and by providing a down-to-earth breakdown of how to prepare for ministry as an apostle.

Here, the authors give an in-depth examination of the characteristics of apostles, their growth trajectory, and their role within the local church and in finishing the task of world evangelism. Beginning with an overall look at the work of the fivefold ministry in the Body of Christ, a solid defense for the existence of the apostolic ministry in the Church of God today is presented, outlining the role of mature apostles in coordinating and strategizing the other ministry gifts. Moreover, the need for apostolic strategization to finish the task of world evangelism is highlighted to remind apostles of the work that remains to be done.

With in-depth explanations that unearth the gold mines of potential buried inside every single individual, as well as a guided tour on the spiritual jewels of gifts from the Trinity, the series is a must for every person, Christian, and church that seeks to meet the Master at His coming with a good report.

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