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The Essentials of Christian Leadership

The Essentials of Christian Leadership


"Christian leadership is essentially moving God's people onto God's agenda with God's method and strategy."

In this book that has been long in the making, JFK and Georgina Mensah struggle to re-orient the Body of Christ to a forgotten understanding of Christian leadership: leadership that is different from how the world leads, and which reminds us of how our Master Himself led those around him.

Beginning with a dynamic intentionality of focus on Scripture, the first part of the book highlights a God-ordained, Christo-centric, and Spirit-empowered form of leadership, explaining the concept and its connected strands as God intended it to be. It also touches on topics like teamwork and the pitfalls of Christian leadership, and defends the role of a God-given vision and strategy for achieving the vision. The second part of the book limelights Jesus as the greatest leader who ever lived, and argues that every Christian is already therefore automatically a leader. It is on this foundation that the authors present ten critical laws of leadership for every Christian.

Indeed, this book is essential for every Christian, for every leader, and most especially, for every Christian leader. The Essentials of Christian Leadership is a book that must be lived, and not just read. Come along with us then on this worthwhile journey.

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