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Our Union With Christ

Our Union With Christ


Christianity is Christ, and Christ is the sum of Christianity. The Christian life offers nothing outside Christ and everything inside Christ. In this book, seasoned Bible teachers JFK & Georgina Mensah walk through the doctrine of Our Union with Christ as the foundation for the Christian life.


"Without our union with Christ, justification, adoption, sanctification, and glorification all have no meaning. Nothing works outside Christ. Outside Christ, we are without hope, without God, and without identity. Christ is all in all, so that no one can boast in God’s presence."


What does it mean that we are united with Christ, and what pictures of this interweaving are offered for us in the Scriptures? How did God effect this union even before the world began, and what present and future realities can we now benefit because of it? What did God do for us and with us through Christ? And what does this all imply in real life today?


The doctrines of true Christian faith must be systematically taught in order to effect real transformation in our lives. Allow the promises and spiritual realities exposed in this book to take hold of you as we appreciate the wealth of God's indwelling presence and our adoption as children of God.