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How to Become Like Jesus Through The Daily Quiet Time

How to Become Like Jesus Through The Daily Quiet Time


Is the Daily Quiet Time still necessary in this fast-changing world? Can we spare the time it takes to seek God’s face every morning, especially when there are so many other considerations for each day?

In this revised version of an old classic, JFK and Georgina argue that we must, in order to be daily transformed into the image of Christ. With convincing arguments about why the daily quiet time is important, and why we cannot afford to just read some devotional or listen to worshipful music, these seasoned authors take us step by step through how we can make time for God each morning and glean the greatest benefits from our sacrifice. Moreover, they expound on what it means to meditate as a Christian, and provide sound tips on memorizing Scripture.

If you have been rushing headlong into every day without thought for God each morning, if you are sick and tired of the rat race, if you are a child of God in desperate need of a refreshing time-out each morning, this is the book for you.

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