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Hearing God for Yourself

Hearing God for Yourself


One of the greatest challenges for every child of God has been, "How do I know what God is saying to me about a particular issue?" Many Christians have tried and failed; others have not tried it at all; and others find it easier to sublet the function of hearing God to spiritual "men of God." Yet the Bible is clear that God does speak with each and every one of His children; and beyond that, He desires to have a personal relationship with them. This book is therefore a classic guide on how to hear the voice of God personally in your own walk with Him.

By carefully breaking down the arguments and concerns that many people have about hearing God, these seasoned authors draw from years of experience in their Christian journey to explain how every Christian can build intimacy with God and hear Him for themselves. It also illuminates some of the major issues that crop up in hearing from God: for example, what it means when God is silent or seems to give conflicting answers to a particular question, how to interpret dark sayings and parables from God, and how to distinguish the voice of God from the voice of other spirits.

If you have been searching for how to hear God for yourself because you are his child, JFK and Georgina Mensah now provide a clear, concise, and doctrinally-sound handbook for your endeavours. God bless you as you seek him.

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