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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth


It is evident that just as with natural development, there are various stages in spiritual maturity. From the Foundation stage, a Christian progresses to the stage of growth. In this book, JFK and Georgina outline the major components of spiritual growth, including helpful markers of the period, as well as a detailed explanation of why many Christians are not growing.

Discussing the ten major pillars of spiritual growth, the book is one of the few on the Christian scene which finally provides a roadmap and endgame for spiritual growth. It demonstrates the enemies of such progression in the faith, and enjoins every reader to seize charge of their own spiritual growth by engaging in the set of biblically-curated spiritual growth activities. If you are hungry and thirsty to please God, and experience more of Him and His grace in every aspect of your life, then this book is for you. It attempts by the leadership of God's Spirit to challenge and equip you for growth into maturity as a child of God. You are taught the disciplines for growth and the marks of Christian maturity, and also provided with a list of the things you should learn as a growing Christian.

While How to Grow Spiritually is effective as a standalone book, it is especially helpful when accompanied by Workbook 2: The Disciple's Growth by the same authors. It also fits into the discipleship series, Making Christlike Disciples

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