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Intentional Disciplemaking

Intentional Disciplemaking


As the Church begins to re-think the whole issue of disciple-making, many convinced believers and churches are now asking: "How do we make Christlike disciples?"

JFK and Georgina pioneer a step-by-step breakdown of the various stages of disciplemaking, inserting real-life examples, best practices, and a compendium of tips that will guide the fruitful believer into teaching others through the content of the discipleship structure presented in Making Christlike Disciples. The book is produced after the several decades of international disciplemaking experience of the authors, and is a brave attempt to help whoever is ready to begin obedience to the command of disciplemaking.

Whatever your questions, concerns, and worries, Intentional Disciplemaking provides enough to get you started on the rewarding though tough road of making Christlike disciples wherever you are: office, school, church, family, or neighbourhood.

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