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True Repentance

True Repentance


One of the things we all seem to take for granted in the church today is repentance. A majority of second-generation Christians comfort themselves that, “I was born into a Christian home,” and never make an attempt to repent from their sin for themselves and thus be saved. If being born in a garage does not make one a car, how can being born in a Christian home make one a Christian?

In this thought-provoking book, JFK & Georgina propose that the reason the Church is as it is today is because most of those sitting in our pews are not born again. No wonder Jesus went around Israel, the chosen people, preaching, “Repent!”

With a clear teaching on what true repentance entails, and how one can obtain it, JFK & Georgina speak to the heart of Christianity and force us all to reconsider whether we have truly repented. Moreover, they confront believers once again with the standard of Christlikeness, and enjoin us to drop besetting sins that keep us returning to sin like dogs to vomit.

This book is not for the righteous: it is for those who recognize that they are sinners in need of saving by our ever-gracious Saviour.

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