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The Holiness Without Which No Man Shall See The Lord

The Holiness Without Which No Man Shall See The Lord


If holiness is true, a man must either obtain it or find reasons for fighting it. It will not do to say that we believe in it and not seek it. Carradine

One of the most confusing things about our Christian walk is the issue of priorities. We are forced to serve an unchanging God in a constantly-changing world. Any committed child of God must ask himself: What is holiness? Why is it so important? How can I become holy and grow in holiness? Has God made provision for living a holy life in the 21st Century?

This book agrees with Thomas Watson that holiness

"... is the great design God carries on in the world, to make a people like himself in holiness. What are all the showers of ordinances for, but to rain down righteousness upon us, and make us holy? What are the promises for, but to encourage holiness? What is the sending of the Spirit into the world for, but to anoint us with the holy unction? What are all afflictions for but to make us partakers of God's holiness? What are mercies for, but lodestones to draw us to holiness? What is the end of Christ's dying, but that his blood might wash away our unholiness? So that if we are not holy, we cross God's great design in the world."


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