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Sexual Purity

Sexual Purity


Impure thoughts. Masturbation. Pornography. Same-sex attractions.


There is a world of secret sins linked to sexual lust which have floored generations of Christians and are still holding millions captive. Openly sharing their personal journeys in this groundbreaking book, JFK & Georgina invite all of us to open up and let the light in.


Even for those not involved in any obvious sins, this book is a treasure trove for any believer seeking to be Christlike in the area of sexual purity. Beginning with the necessity and relevance of the topic, the authors then delve into specific sensitive issues.


Sexual Purity is valuable indeed, not only for those struggling with these sins, but also for disciplemakers, teachers, and leaders who must help those caught in the snare of the enemy. By addressing why these are sins and must be overcome, as well as providing tried and tested steps for living in victory over sexual sin, the book gives answers to questions few people in the Church ever open up about.