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Building Integrity Into Your Life

Building Integrity Into Your Life


"Help, Lord, for the godly man ceases and the faithful fail from the sons of men.” Ps. 12:1


The character of Christ should be evident in every Christian, but few believers even see the need to strive for Christlike character in their day-to-day living.


In this book, JFK and Georgina take on the multi-headed dragon of bribery, corruption, and lack of integrity that permeates every sector of society especially on the African continent. Can the Christian not live above the poor standards of integrity set by his family, community, workplace, nation, and even church? He can, and he must!


Building Integrity Into Your Life attacks a lifestyle of deception by presenting the Christian with the Biblical expectations of Christlike integrity. Detailing the meaning and importance of integrity, it spells out some of the characteristics of the trait, and areas in which a Christian must show integrity. It also provides practical guidelines for building the character on integrity into your life, interspersed with lively illustrations and examples from real life and the Bible.


Will you commit to this journey of refusing to compromise with sin? Then join us!

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