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Christlikeness: God's Priority

Christlikeness: God's Priority


There are many things on which the Church of today focuses, many things which are good to pursue, and even helpful for Christianity. But God's priority has always been Christlikeness, and this forms the basis for the book, Christlikeness: God's Priority

Tracing the heart of God on this matter right from the Old Testament to the New, and now, JFK and Georgina Mensah argue that the Church must go back to the source of its establishment and achieve what it was predestined to do. Christianity stands and falls with Jesus Christ -- He is the beginning and the end of the Christian life and faith. He is the center of the Bible. The Old Testament looks forward to Christ’s coming; the Gospels capture His earthly ministry from all angles; the Acts of the Gospels and the Epistles look back to His cross and resurrection; Revelations anticipates His second coming.

This second edition of the book provides compelling arguments, illustrations from life and over 40 years of ministry, and a brand new perspective on the Christlike attitude to human enemies. It also provides a practical guide on how to become Christlike, so that every true child of God can re-align themselves into the image of Christ.

Your life won't stay the same after reading this book.

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