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Biblical Discipleship

Biblical Discipleship


Who is a disciple? What is discipleship? What are Jesus' requirements for anyone who seeks to follow Him? Are you a disciple?

In Antioch, it was the disciples who were first called Christians (Acts 11:26), so how come today, we have Christians who are not disciples? Discipleship is now a hot topic in many Christian circles, but most people still seem to be unaware of what it entails. Those who go to church every Sunday seem content that they are fulfilling the basic requirements of Christ, but what does the Bible teach?

In Biblical Discipleship, JFK and Georgina once again tease out the biblical standards on the issue of discipleship in Christianity.  Drawing lessons from the Jewish understanding of discipleship, they patiently walk through twelve of the non-negotiable laws Jesus laid down for anyone who would follow Him. They also bring out some of the practical implications of each law for a disciple living in our times, and drive every reader to make conclusive decisions on it for themselves.

This book will help you to take a stand once and for all on whether you are ready to pay the price to be a disciple of Jesus according to His definition in the Bible. If you still feel that the cost is too great, it may be time to re-consider your Christianity.