A Preacher From the Dead

We often mistakenly assume that a preacher from the dead -- and his accompanying signs -- will be more effective in converting the unbeliever. But conviction still only comes by the Holy Spirit, and Christians must preach the Gospel as it has always been.

The World's Game

The world’s systems of value and validation diverge from God’s. We cannot escape it all, but how we allow these validations to define our assessment of ourselves, as Christians, makes all the difference.

The Parable of the Persistent Widow: Limits and Prospects

"The parable of the persistent widow is not a perfect model of prayer for Christians, for unlike the widow who merely sought justice, and nothing else, we seek God Himself as the end result of prayer." Kelvin draws our hearts back to the real purpose of prayer in this thought-provoking article.

Will Heaven Be Boring?

When our tales shall have come to an end, and the joy of reuniting with our friends and family shall have begun to wane, what shall we do in heaven? Sit and stare into each other’s faces for the rest of eternity? Won't heaven be the most boring place?