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The Makings of a Virtuous Woman

The Makings of a Virtuous Woman


What does it mean to be 'virtuous' in today's world, and what can fathers, mothers, relatives, women groups and the church do to groom such women for our generation and beyond?

At long last, a book which is on the scene! This book is an in-depth learning and training experience designed to help you, your church or fellowship leadership develop a comprehensive strategy for moving women towards spiritual maturity and fulfilment. It is in every way great for personal teaching and enrichment of life, but it is also an indispensable syllabus or manual for various women's groups.

Remember that not only is a virtuous woman 'rare and far above rubies'. Increasingly, even the secular world has seen that failure to invest into girls and women is equal to neglecting the contribution of over half of the world's output.

Here, program planning and everything imaginable necessary for the holistic grooming of women is made very clear. To pastors, counsellors, women’s ministry leaders and their executive members -- as well as the average woman -- this is not only a must-read, but a must-own book.

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