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The Godly Man

The Godly Man


Who is a man, God's kind of man? And what does he do for God?


As the attack on the two genders created by God continues to intensify in the world, it is necessary for every Christian man, every church, and every men's fellowship to study what God's word says about their manhood.


This book addresses the godly man in this day and age by outlining who such a godly man is, his model of manhood, and why ministry that is specific to him is critical in the church of God. It then delves into the various aspects of his role in the home, in church, and in society. It is our prayer that every man who goes through this book will not only learn what he should know as a Christian man, but be re-oriented to hold Jesus Christ as his ideal man, and devote his entire life and manhood to imitating and working for him. Men's fellowships and churches will also finally have some manual as to what kind of things men must discuss and know as they read The Godly Man.