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Total Commitment

Total Commitment


If you do not plan to live the Christian life totally committed to knowing your God and to walking in obedience to Him, then don’t begin, for this is what Christianity is all about. It is a change of citizenship, a change of governments, a change of allegiance. If you have no intention of letting Christ rule your life, then forget Christianity; it is not for you.” Kay Arthur

You can only be a committed Christian when you are ready to pay all the price, all the time, and all the way to follow and imitate Jesus. JFK & Georgina Mensah

This hard-hitting book is not pleasant to read. But neither was it pleasant listening to the best of Christ’s sermons. In Total Commitment, JFK & Georgina attempt to persuade a sleeping Church that the transformation required for a widespread Christlike revival can only come when every single Christian radically surrenders every single part of themselves to the total service of God.

Don’t read this book if you’re looking for a pampered, sheltered ‘religious’ life. You won’t find what you want. You will find what you need – a wake-up call to give nothing less than 100% throughout the rest of your Christian life, and thus transform your life and everyone else around you.

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