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Excellence: Giving God and Man Your Very Best

Excellence: Giving God and Man Your Very Best


"No man earns the right to stop improving himself or his work until he is buried or raptured."


What is excellence? What does it mean to a Christian, and does it matter for today's world? God's definition of success and excellence differs from that of the world, but both necessitate that every child of God must perform at the height of their gifts and calling in order to shine as lights in this dark world.


In this revised gem of a book, discover the critical elements of attaining to excellence in every aspect of your life, whether spiritual, moral, business, academic, or ministerial. Learn about the worst enemies and pitfalls to avoid in reaching those heights, and explore the steps to follow to lay hold on the kind of excellence that pleases God and still leaves you on the path of eternal life.


In _Excellence: Giving God and Man Your Very Best_, seasoned authors and Christian leaders JFK & Georgina Mensah highlight the hard-hitting truths of the Bible about how a Christian lives and works to bring glory to God everywhere and in every way. Don't miss this book on your journey to Christlikeness!