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Making Christlike Disciples: A Reference Manual

Making Christlike Disciples: A Reference Manual


Jesus categorically instructed us to go and make disciples of all nations. Mere converts, followers and unestablished church members can hardly finish the task of world evangelism.

Arguing why disciple-making is the divine strategy Jesus left for the Church, this highly acclaimed Reference Manual presents a comprehensive syllabus for Christlike disciple-making in a systematic and structured manner. It serves as a rich resource for disciplemakers, ministers, missionaries, and every believer who is eager to grow spiritually in an intentionally organized way.

In this 3rd Edition, JFK and Georgina present the content in clearly-delineated lessons, providing lesson objectives and practical assignments to help you keep on track. It also presents a well-researched introductory section on discipleship and disciple-making, while presenting the rest of the material according to a tried and tested discipleship syllabus.

Without doubt, this is one of the most helpful books you will ever come across! The Reference Manual complements the other books in the authors' series on discipleship.